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Default Re: Ever had a punch up at your Gig ?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
they don't call me The Terminator for nothing! Ok, they don't call me that at all ...
^^^^ LOL!

Years ago when I was knee high to a flea... We were house band for a little dive called the Village Centre Inn(VCI we called it) in Swedesboro? NJ...
Anyway we would twice or thrice a year rent a bus, round up all of our (drunken) friends and get em all to and from the show safely and provide a keg on the bus to keep the "thirst" down and get everyone pumped for the gig.

One night as we were playing the first breakdown in "How Many More Times" from Zep, somewhere in the middle of the third set... I noticed alot of movement in the crowd. Within seconds, the whole one side of the bar was goin at it, HARD. The bassist and I kept playing, watching and wondering if it would just die down. Then a stool went over the bar into a shelve or two of liquor bottles and smashed the mirror wall behind it. Thats when we pulled the plug...

These 15 or so drunken morons continued to fight for almost 20 minutes until the fuzz showed up. The scrap found its way outside and somehow a 50 lb decorative rock(boulder?) went through the big glass window in the front of the place. Thats when the tear gas went off. Now this fight may have been instigated by "our" people but the locals were the ones really f' ing sh!t up.... Our one roadie got gassed and was vomiting all over the stage as others were rolling on the ground choking to death on the spray.

I ve witnessed a few other fights but this one sticks in my head so clearly... I was all of about 17 at the time so I guess that was the first real barfight I ever saw. In the end, there was almost 20 arrests and about $8,000 in property damages. It was the best night the VCI had as far as revenue though, so we got paid, our equipment was fine and we were there playing 2 weeks later as if nothing happened.

Man I love memories!!!
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