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Default Re: Ever had a punch up at your Gig ?

These are all such great stories. I've got a couple.
Once I was at a friend's gig. This mullet wearing, Camaro driving type guy had a little too much to drink and was being escorted out of the bar by a bouncer. The bouncer kept trying to take mullet man by the arm but he was having none of that. He turned around and body checked the bouncer who went flying and ended up taking out a couple of tables. These tables were full of drinks and surrounded by some pretty surprised people. Some punches were thrown but the bouncer was able to gain controll of the situation and get the jerk out of the bar.
On a different occasion, when my band was playing, a little scuffle started up on the dance floor. The bouncers got right on it and ejected the two in very quick order. I later found out that some drunk kept hitting on my lead singers mom and was taking it too far. His dad didn't take to kindly to that and decided to get involved. If you knew my lead singers parents, you would never think of them as trouble makers. It just goes to show you that nobody is immune to trouble when alcohol and large crowds are involved.
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