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Default Re: Ever had a punch up at your Gig ?

Originally Posted by KBadd View Post
WOW! Great post. I have a good story.....

One night...probably Friday in 1991 in Priest River, Idaho at EZ Ed's. Does it sound like a biker bar or what?!?

At the end of our 3rd set (4th set was last) we were playing the last song and noticed EVERYONE leave the place and go out front. Blah blah blah we ended the song.....(dadadada dododo doh doh doh SMASH!) My keyboard player/lead singer, Linda, (wife), says "I'm going out front to see wass up". I am getting out from behind the kit and I walk out front......maybe 1 minute behind Linda. Here is what I see......a dude clutching his face, on the ground reeling in pain. (hahahahahahaha)

Well......I suddenly remembered...when we had first arrived to the gig, there was a "sweet" parking space RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR!! Duh! I'm taking that and not lugging my kit and keyboards for a block down the street. Hahaha...well, wouldn't ya' know, that's RIGHT WHERE the fight started. Two a-hole drunks were fighting & smashed a steel sign right into my car hood!! When Linda went out there - THAT"S WHAT SHE SAW..I can hear her now..."Oh, no, you DIDN'T just smash my new car..." She proceeded to grab the nearest dude that "may have" caused the car damage and SMASHED HIS effin' face into the front of same said car, breaking his nose!!!!

I am a wimp ....apparently. I missed the whole thing..being a drummer and all...I had to get out from behind my kit and "stuff." Drummers...sheesh.

But, amazingly enough, the next week...the same guy (with fashionable nose bandage) and his fighting buddy, showed up at our gig and were bragging..."Hey, that's the chick who broke my nose man...yeah, she's bad ass...."

Ha, wife...I love her still! And yes, she did approve this message....;o)

Funny stuff, man.
WOW! She actually broke his nose? The little Missus sounds pretty tough. I bet you never forget to take out the trash or put the toilet seat back down, LOL!
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