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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Nah Jay, I prefer opening doors for "predecessors". A far more humane approach given that some of the poor old things would be just about due for walking frames :)

Wasn't Herb Alpert the guy who did Baby Elephant Walk? Seriously cute music!

Ken, the question for me is WHY such a strong market is there for your namesake. Why are listeners so [expletive] conservative? Why does everything have to have a pretty tune and/or catchy beat? I think most people are artistically immature so they naturally gravitate to musical "sugar".

I think they are that way because 1) many don't have time these days to get interested in the arts in any meaningful way and 2) our cutures seem to have trouble parsing egalitarianism and depth. Keen interest in artistic (or existential) depth seems to naturally attract cynicism in younger cultures ... "Who do you think you are? You fink you're better than me?" sort of thing.

This segues somewhat with my thoughts on the Euro and US music thread, although I think the cross-pollination over the years has changed both scenes dramatically.
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