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Default Re: steve morrison - pro drum tech

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
a very warm welcome. and now some questions...

what kind of warm up regime, if any, does tommy do before a gig?

who else have you teched for?

how do you become a tech?

any replies would be appreciated.

Thanks Jason, T-Bone! I'm honored to be a part of this community. Ok, down to business:

1)Tommy's warm-up consists of a short stretching period(5 mins) Then he plays along to the music he has playing through his dressing room P.A. (i do mean P.A.- 2 Clair Bros. R4 Speaker cabinets[very loud]) he plays on everything in the room-speakers, couch, table, etc. He does that about 10 minutes before the show until he is walked to the stage.

2)Past drummers I have done include: Shannon Leto- 30 Seconds To Mars(2002-03); Aaron Montgomery- TRAPT(2002-04); and then Tommy when they decided to do the reunion tour(Nov. 04). I also freelance out of S.I.R. Hollywood Drum Dept.

3)I ended up becoming a drum tech after a brief stint working at Sabian, then Guitar Center Hollywood. It was the contacts I made with the pro guys that would help me out later on. After GC, I started at S.I.R. as a monitor tech and met S. Leto while they rehearsed for their upcoming tour. He needed a tech, and remembered speaking to me at GC, so he offered me the gig. The biggest thing is WORD OF MOUTH. Marketing yourself is the key.

Cool, I hope my answers make some sense. :) If anyone has any more questions or comments, hit me up.
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