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Default Re: Ever had a punch up at your Gig ?

Haha good story con struct!

Playing in, and going to a lot of metal and hardcore gigs, it means it can get a bit rough. Towards the end of the night if you have a good crowd there will definitely be mosh pits. Although, there are sort of unwritten rules never to take what goes on in that situation personally, however some people do and it can occasionally end in fights and stuff.

At our gig tonight actually there were a gang of skinhead metal types (think Phil Anselmo from Pantera) and they were going crazy! Right at the front of the crowd in our lead singers face punching the air and stuff (I think they may have been the sort to have 'controversial' thoughts on peoples ethnicity). In the midst of all this one skinhead punch in the air but accidently hit my lead singer in the crotch. He wasn't happy. He's got quite a short fuse so I'm surprised he didn't say/do anything. I glad he didn't though because they were pretty big guys.

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