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Default Re: Internet Smarts

Im 53 years old, Im an internet moron when you compare me to younger people!
If you compare me to most of my friends that are my age, or older, Im an internet superstar!

My friends are always asking me to help them with internet things.

Heres a funny story, Last week I was asked to call a band member who was late for practice.
I spoke into my phone and commanded it to call him. I then spoke with the tardy musician.
My friends looked at me with a strange look as I placed the call!
It seems that none of them knew about voice activated phones!
I looked at their phones. They all had voice activated phones and they didn't even know it!

One day a friend wanted to burn a CD for me. I said don't bother, I'll just bluetooth the file to my phone from your computer. my friend said, "What's Bluetooth?"
I then showed him how to sync the devices and transfer the files.

Most middle aged people just don't get it.

I love showing my friends how to copy/paste!

Last month some friends were getting a new computer. I was aware that they had just installed wifi for their daughter so I asked them if they were going to buy a laptop for themselves.
They said no because they needed a powerful computer to download videos, etc.
It took me a half an hour to prove to them that a laptop was just as fast as a desktop. They couldn't understand that you could hook up a large monitor and a full sized keyboard to a
laptop and use it like a desktop if you wanted to.
I kind of like old drums:)

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