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Default Re: Ever had a punch up at your Gig ?

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Many years ago, hell when I just a kid, really, I was playing in a blues band in North Carolina. We had a Saturday night gig at a bar connected to a motel, a large room with a decent stage. It was your basic southern roadhouse. The clientele were...well, they were rednecks. But they seemed to like us and everyone was drinking and dancing.

Then, during the second set, two of the big-haired ladies who were there got into a fist fight right on the dance floor, no doubt over some feller. Before you knew it, there had to be twenty people engaged in a full-blown free-for-all, right on the dance floor in front of the band. It was a riot situation, man. So the bar-manager decides to break out the tear gas. That's right, he TEAR GASSED the place. Everybody started making for the exit, where the brawl continued outside.

Now tear gas doesn't just make you cry. It stings like a bitch and makes your face go all raw. All you want to do is get away as fast as you can. But we, the band and our girlfriends, didn't dare try to escape with all our gear through the chaos outside, so we huddled on the bandstand, holding wet napkins to our faces. Apparently there was no other way out. Then another fight broke out between a couple of the band-members over why we were even playing there in the first place. This went on until a whole squadron of police arrived and broke everything up.

thinks to self : i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to start a blues band.
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