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Originally Posted by beatklops View Post
A non-Peart related point: I really do think that good technique and Vocabulary on the kit can make you a better Drummer. And in my Opinion a good solo expresses Emotions.
I can't disagree with that.
This is my personal favorite drum solo performance and i think this man is not trying to prove superiority over others even if hes incorporating some of the Stuff thats been discussed here before.
Joel Rosenblatt is an amazing drummer for sure. I don't want to take anything away from him here, but he is playing a form where players are featured, as in step up and show us your chops, which is a little different than making your crazy playing working in a "song" context. But that's why people like that kind of music; so they can watch far-out players like that showing off everything they've got.

Anyway, Neil Peart was my favorite drummer when I first started out playing and I did think he was the "best", (so I get where new drummer get that) but he was just a gateway to a lot of other really great drummers for me. So like you, I began to question how good NP really was. His technique is nothing compared to Gadd or Greb or any number of other guys. BUT, I came back to the realization that it wasn't so much about how good his chops were, but how good his compositions were. Of course, not everyone else is as impressed with his compositional style as I am so we're free to disagree on that stuff.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Of course Neil is wildly overrated but that's just how things are. Once someone - in any field - gains a certain level of attention it snowballs and they become more famous because they are famous...

More interesting than rating drummers is working out what the X-factor qualities are that first gained attention (before the celebrity snowball effect exaggerated their reputations).
Hi Polly - things slowing down on the Kenny G thread, are they?

That's an interesting point - trying to figure out the X-factor. I know you're not much of a NP fan, so I'll assume your role here is pure harassment ;)

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