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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Originally Posted by skreg View Post
Check out the lesson series by Ian Froman on the Vic Firth Website.The guy swings harder than Barry Bonds!

I'm just starting to comp with both the bass drum and snare over a very generic ride pattern, and working in fills. A few months from now, though, I'll be able to start utilizing these more advanced ride patterns.
I've checked out some of Ians stuff on Vic's page, and he sure is badass!
I feel quite good now when it comes to my playing!

Btw Todd!
Just checked out the clip at !
You are badass on the drums!!
Also I got the Into the Green cd! I've just started to listen tro it, but it sounds really good! Great job! Keep up all the good work!

Cheers from Sweden
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