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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Great clinic in Weymouth Ma (DiCenso's) It was a great pleasure to meet you after the show. My wife thought it was the best clinic to date. I drag her along so she can see how great the drumming community is and also to point out that I'm not the only drummer who owns three drum kits :-)

I did want to ask a couple of ?'s but time became an issue.

1, You played a simple groove and afterwards you explained how on beat 4 for example you opened the hi-hat and on beat 2 you did X and how producers notice this type of thing. Is this something you create while playing a groove or is this type thing requested of you, or maybe a little of both? Hope I did not confuse you!

2, What kind of shoes were you wearing? My wife pointed them out, they looked very comfortable. I knew I brought her along for something :-)

Again, thanks for a great informative clinic. Your playing is superb but better than that is you are a great down to earth person. I'm 56 and it's people like yourself that keep me inspired and strive to always push myself.

Thank you.
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