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Default Re: Internet Smarts

Simple.....I am a moron when it comes to all things internet.

Some of the jargon I was down with (lol, lmao)...most of it I've either had to look up or figure out since joining this forum (rofl, btw, fwiw). I only discovered what 'ymmv' meant when I looked it up last week!!

I stuffed up simple things like cutting and pasting links when I first joined. I didn't know trolls existed (who the hell would bother?) and Polly had to tell me what a googlebot spider was. I still have no idea how to upload pics or sound files. Yet, I work on computers all day. But there I just know what buttons to push to obtain what I need......remember the monkeys in the early NASA tests? :-)

I can read and write, so I have no problem communicating, but I find I write more than I'd actually speak in order to try to avoid any confusion.

Yep, overall I'm an internet dummy. 3.5/10
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