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Originally Posted by beatklops View Post

i don't think you're in a position to decide wether i understand or fully comprehend the drumpart to this song. I'm well aware of whats going on there rythmically and whats being played by mr.peart.

And i dont care who's having a brain aneurism (in a sense - of course i care) - i spoke my mind and thats my right. As to my claims being unsubstantiated: even MikeM acknowledges my arguments about the technical aspects of Neils Playing...and thats all my "claims" were about.

Anyhow, Mikes Post remains very good and thoughtful and i'm not gonna whine around here again about Mr.Peart.

All the best
I don't think you are in a position to decide on Neil's credibility, technical aspects or otherwise. I am however in a position to respond to your post which is my right as a forum member. You seem to come across with a little arrogance which makes it hard to keep responses to you civil. So keep your cool, we are two people behind computers far away from each other having a little argument.

The brain aneurysm thing was about a die-hard forum member that usually responds to posts like yours. I'm shocked he hasn't yet. It was kind of a joke but I guess taking fire from others can make one defensive. All the best to you too.
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