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Default Re: Neil Peart

Of course Neil is wildly overrated but that's just how things are. Once someone - in any field - gains a certain level of attention it snowballs and they become more famous because they are famous. Ditto Bonzo and Ringo and Gadd. Ditto Paris Hilton and Lara Bingle, for that matter.

Over 20 pages here for Neil - many times more than remarkable drummers with great technique and compositional sense like Billy Cobham, Bill Bruford, Chris Culter etc. The attention a drummer receives is only a very rough guide as to his or her prowess.

The Neils, Bonzos, Ringos and Steves of this world are fabulous in their own way, but the attention they receive would have you think they were a hundred times better than their peers. In truth they simply have some qualities that people find a little bit more appealing, or their bands are more popular.

Peart/Bruford, Bonzo/Paice, Ringo/Charlie, Gadd/Jordan - miles of difference in quality? They are all close peers, except maybe Neil and Bill, where the latter is a clearly superior prog drummer in every respect apart from showmanship IMO :) *ducks for cover*

More interesting than rating drummers is working out what the X-factor qualities are that first gained attention (before the celebrity snowball effect exaggerated their reputations).
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