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Originally Posted by beatklops View Post
I never said hes underrated. I mentioned him as overrated (portnoy that is). But i already said that maybe this is not a description i have the right to use in this context. So i'll ust say that Mr. Portnoy IMHO falls under exactly the same category Mr.Peart falls into, which is why its no surprise to me that he pays him tribute. Although i think Peart actually did a little more for Drumming in general.

I think you dont want to understand me yesdog, i dont say that these guys cant play. My point is about Skill and Vocabulary.

I own each and every dream theater album btw.
Do you really take Youtube comments seriously? Should I then take your poorly substantiated claims seriously? For one example, the innovation people may have been writing about does not deal with his solos. Instead, I believe they meant his drum patterns composed for Rush's songs. Songs like Scars, Territories, Tai Shan, and Xanadu have drum parts that are quite unique and provided mainstream listeners with something exciting and different. I also think you don't quite understand the Mystic Rhythms drum parts. In albums such as Power Windows, Hold Your Fire and Counterparts, there are a lot of notes triggered by pads and a left-sided pedal. There tends to be more going on there than meets the ear.

You better hope Michael Drums doesn't read your rant. He will, quite literally, have a brain aneurism.
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