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Default Re: Ever had a punch up at your Gig ?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
What's the story there, Sharky?

As for me, they don't call me The Terminator for nothing! Ok, they don't call me that at all ...
Haha ok then i shall speak of this wonderful tale,

We were coming to the end of our last set and we were getting into our danciest numbers (kings of leon etc) and there were two groups of drunks dancing and one of the lads knocked another from the the other group and hey started to argue and push and shove etc
one of the lads pushed on stage and got out lead vocal mike and started to shout abuse at the others...... We just kept playing...... i was worried he was going to come and get my sticks or some thing but he didnt, then they started to push more then the first fists went flying but it stopped when people broke it up but for them moments when it was all going it was great !..... in the end we finished our very extended version of sex on fire and went home !
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