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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by berlioz
Ok it seems to me that most people who are not too familiar with Gadds work (and even with some of those who are) when asked what their favorite tune with Gadd on drums is, the answer almost always seems to revolve around the same tunes ( aja, 50 ways... etc)

Of course, Steve has made thousands of recordings. So, i decided to pull out some tunes from my library and attach 15 very short clips, to see how many of these tunes people will actually recognize. All the clips are song intros.

Now i will admit that "most" of these tunes will be hard to recognize, so if anyone gets at least 3 of these tunes, i will be very impressed :)

hard to hear....

1.brecker brothers - night flight
2. Herbie Mann - Dicotheque - Hijack
4. michel petruciani - Chimes
5. al di meola - casino
7. gomez - metwo or mezga
8. sunlightsquare
9. Bill Watrous - Lester Leaps In
10. chuck mangione - tarantella
11. Mark Colby - Serpentire Fire
12. paul mccartney - take it away
14. hubert laws - Airegin

nice drum solo from Jun Fukumachi - New York all Stars live (1978)
Love Play - Drum Solo 3mb

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