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Default Re: Ever had a punch up at your Gig ?

My ex-band opened up for some guys at the Bullet Bar in Camden, they were on tour..based in Manchester and seemed to be about 10 years to late for the Brit Pop era (Not really my thing),
The singer and guitarist start knocking into each other during their set, didn't seem too bad but you could tell it was getting a little personal..
Anyways I was outside loading my bits and bobs into my car and they started having a punch up in and around their van after bursting out of the venue looking they were trying to kill one another. One of them shouted

'You threw a bit of paper at me!'

Which I thought was the most un-rock and roll thing to have a fight about.

That's the closest I've ever had to a punch up, I play for 40+ year olds now so punch ups are very rare.
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