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Default Re: Favourite Beatles Song?

Originally Posted by Bonzolead
One of my fav's is "I want you/She's so heavy" just a cool tune all around.
I thought all my faves were already mentioned, but no, forgot that one!

That makes my list with the main attractions for me - in rough order, give or take ...

A Day In The Life - the whole thing
Tomorrow Never Knows - the amazing sound
I want you/She's so heavy - what can I say? Wow!
Strawberry Fields Forever - orchestration and melody - great feel
I'll Follow The Sun - arrangement and melodies/harmonies
I Am The Walrus - lyrics and mood
Let It Be - everything's perfect
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - mood and the solo
The End - Ringo!
Eleanor Rigby - vocs and lyrics
Come Together - Ringo!
Something - melody and vocs
Penny Lane - lyrics and piccolo trumpet
Within Without You - I'm an old hippie at heart, love that sitar and tabla :)
Revolution - lyrics and it rocks
Mr Kite - the vibe and sounds
Rain - rhythm section and harmonies
Paperback Writer - harmonies and lyrics
Taxman - the riff
Happiness is a Warm Gun - the arrangement and John's satire
Baby You Can Drive My Car - keys and tune
Glass Onion - the rocking feel
Lovely Rita - keys
Got To Get You Into My Life - Paul and the horns
Norwegian Wood - melody & lyrics
Polly's rhythms
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