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You guys still don't get it, and thats fine with me. Because you obviously do not want to understand what i'm trying to convey. You still try to put it like i said Peart is bad or Vinnie is better - this is not what its about. I was simply responding to the guy who said that neil re-wrote the book on Polyrythms and Independence, which is absolute nonsense in my opinion. I also NEVER said, that these things are neccesary to do a good drum track/solo. But they CAN make it better. Btw Weckl is not the only Big Chops Guy who laid down simple pop tracks, and again: I never claimed that this would be a bad thing. I dont know what your problem is, really.

So finally: I THINK NEIL PEARTS TECHNICAL SKILLS GET MORE RESPECT THAN THEY SHOULD. Which says nothing about him being a good or bad drummer (or even his songwriting). But since i'm obviously in the wrong place to have an educated discussion about this subject, and am no longer willing to get words put into my mouth, i'll leave you guys to it...

"People always hear what they want to hear."
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