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Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Not really true.

Vinnie joined Zappa in 1978. Joe's Garage came out in 1979

Neil joined Rush in 1974. Fly By Night came out in 1975.

So, technically, Neil was first.

Now if you said Terry Bozzio, you might be on to something.
Actually, I think Bozzio would not have been correct either. Probably Aynsley Dunbar back in that era, then before him Jimmy Carl Black. Zappa changed drummers more than clothes, I think. Either way, he's way off on Vinnie.

I don't know what's going on here other than the usual young male competitive thing. Who's the baddest in town? Shall we have a shootout? I'll bet Neil could care a less. Beatklops - if it's Youtube comments that set you off, rest assured that most of the remarks on Youtube are from adolescent punks. I often watch videos of some classic bass players on there, and have to tolerate all the comments how Flea and Les Claypool can play circles around them. It's of course not true, but I feel no urge to go find a thread on either Les or Flea and urinate all over them, either. They aren't the ones making claims like that - the know nothing punks are.

Now if it was Ginger Baker, that's another story.......................
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