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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Pretty much sums up my feelings on it all.

Since when did, drumming/drummers/music in general ever become a competition?..........oh that's right....DAMN YOU.....'Idol'.....X-Factor.....(insert your nation)'s Got Talent!!

"I didn't come to the Grammy's to watch anyone win or lose......I came to watch everyone play" - Ringo Starr. Sage words indeed.

Now, for the real test. What is the BEST soft drink.....Coke or Pepsi? Surely EVERYONE knows it's Coke.....I HATE friggen' Pepsi!!
Are you freakin crazy! Pepsi is the best. Coke sucks. By the way Chicago PIzza is better
than New York's Pizza. And yes I put ketchup on my hot dogs ( thats taboo in Chicago )
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