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Originally Posted by beatklops View Post
So i just listened to mystic rythms and am really interested in where you think that song contains any polyrythms or stickings/grooves that require more than average independence. This song shows nothing of those. Maybe you just confuse some expressions here though...
Memorizing many different Song parts and playing odd Time signatures does not equal playing the above said stuff...

This is what i'm talking about:

I like the Song btw :-), except of Geddy Lees Hairstyle, but maybe that was just the 80s :D
Since when are playing poly-rhythms the sole factor that determines how good a drummer is?

Just because YOU apply one criteria to determine whom is better does NOT mean other people do as well.

And honestly, who gives a flying you-know-what whom is a better drummer anyway?
Did some Rush fan pee in your cereal this morning so you feel the need to crap all over Neil to make yourself feel better?
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