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To all the guys that replied to my little "rant": first of all thanks for your opinions. And to be honest, i guess it's not right to decide who is overrated so i apolologize for that. Keep in mind that i was watching a ton of Drummers i admire yesterday on youtube, and in every other Video somebody had to post: "Yeah, but Neil Peart shits all over this Guy!" or "This Chambers Guy is nothing compared to Neil Peart...". This just always gets to me :-)

When i started getting into Drums and Drummers, i always loved his Solos, and actually liked them more than more technical or intricate Stuff other Drummers did (which i later got into as i learned to understand their language). And maybe that's all there is to say about him. I still stand behind everything i said (besides the overrated thing to a degree) and i still think that there are many debatable points in what supposedly makes him so great, but he for sure did a lot for the drums and their role as a solo instrument and therefore deserves every bit of honor and success he has (like i said before).

Also maybe i need to say that i'm 24, so i don't really come from a generation, whre he had such a major impact playingwise (maybe, i don't know).

So again, all the best to you Mr.Peart and to all you Drummers in the Forum too, of course. May we have some interesting debates in the future :-)

Edit: PS: to Jeff Gordon: I never said Buddy Rich is overrated or even implied it. He's in my opinion the greatest Jazz Drummer ever. Bonham and Gadd are Legends in their own Rights. But don't get me started on Keith Moon...

... in the End its all personal preference i guess..

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