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Default Re: How do you browse the forum?

Originally Posted by Naigewron View Post
But how do you get involved with a thread in the first place if your standard browsing procedure is to check the threads you're already involved in? Considering your post count, you must come up with a lot of issues and ideas to search out if that's how you get involved with threads :-)
Not too sure, Naige. I usually start with the threads at the top (that's my forum equivalent to a standard backbeat) .Other than that I just do what comes to mind at the time - it's improv, man! I do a lot of searches and, believe it or not, most times I read threads without responding.

I only say something:

1) If I have a thought I think is worthwhile that hasn't been said

2) For a laugh

3) To reply to a direct comment / question

4) Adding a thumbs up or provide moral support where it's due

5) To lighten things up when people get cranky (see #2)
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