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Default Re: Neil Peart

I was going to add something, but MikeM and Pocket-full-of-Gold said it all best.

OK, I will add this: yes, there are many drummers who are better soloists. But most people who worship Peart don't do so for his drum solo ability, and probably would list his solo ability near last in the reasons they like him.

It's for his song writing (lyrics) for what he does with-in the songs, and that he can play these technical parts in songs that people actually still want to hear.

Peart brings the whole package to the table, as opposed to some very talented people who don't having writing credits to their name and/or mostly play on music most non-musicians have never heard of. There are a lot of ubber technical drummers out there, but they are not on a radio, only play music most people have never heard of, and some of it leaves many people cold.

And if you read/listen to Peart interviews, for the most part, he regards himself as not all that talented.

But like MikeM said, you have to consider the context of the time. Comparing a 50+ old guy to a twenty something drummer is apples and oranges.
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