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hey there,

just been watching some Peart Videos online, and after i thought about speaking my mind on him for a few years now actually, i decided to finally do so.

On a personal level, i really like the guy (from what i can tell through interviews etc.). Also i think he has a very good attitude towards his instrument and " to always be learning." I think you have to admire a person who carries himself that way (sorry for my english....)

But also - and unfortunately for him, because i bet he didnt start the myth and wouldnt want himself to be considered the best or anything like that - he is one of the most overrated drummers of all time, at least in my opinion. I want to explain this by adressing some of the most popular arguments about his playing:
1. His technical skills are amazing.
He has good technique - at the things hes playing (wich i'll get to later). But any Drummer who practices regulary and the right way can achieve Pearts level of technique in a relatively short amount of time (I'd say about 5 years, if not less, but thats debatable). Since he doesn't do any advanced independence or polyrythmic stuff it just boils down to pure hand and feet speed. I think his singles are pretty good, his doubles are not that fast though. His feet are ok. Keep in mind this is all IMHO. And dont give me the "Playing over 3 is hard "(regarding one of his foot ostinatos hes playing all the time, RLL) - it's just not.

2. He's totally creative and comes up with Stuff no one can come up with
Well i actually think hes creative. At least he was once in his life when i came up with that solo hes been playing for a gazillion years now. And maybe at the Time this stuff was innovative. But now it isnt anymore. I'd like to make one point clear though: i'm speaking to drummers here (i hope). So i think you guys should understand that writing or performing a drumsolo which makes an audience go crazy - a good thing and something i admire about peart - does not necessarily mean its the most creative or expressive solo. Like in Language theres things certain people just dont understand because of a lack in vocabulary. A perfect example would be the a tony royster jr. solo video that appears on the side of a peart video on youtube and leads a lot of peart guys to it - in that video tony plays a great solo but incorporates a lot of advanced stuff like overrideng and/or playing polyrithmic patterns. In the Comments of that clip you see a lot of Peart Comparisons, where fanboys write that to them it sounds like random banging on the drums without concept, which is ridiculous. Drummers at the level of Royster (just an example, I'm not even mentioning greats like vinnie or dennis chambers) could write and perform a solo like pearts while sleeping. They just dont do it because their vocabulary is much bigger and they like to express their emotions on a much more complex level. To a person who can understand these concepts and the patterns/phrases they play, their solos are much more touching, creative and awe inspiring than anything Mr. Peart could do. I'm not saying that i want constant Polyrithmic wanking or 10 minutes of blistering fast double bass playing. But these things can make a solo much better played at the right spot. And sorry to say this, Mr.Peart just simply cant play them, so he doesnt even have the option, wich in itself IMO should clear out any doubts about if he's the best. hes just playing the same patterns and phrases over and over again, nothing creative to me there nowadays. And im not even starting about his humongous kit. I'd like to see Mr.Peart play a solo on a 3 Piece kit and see what "great phrases" he comes up with. Even at the buddy rich memorial he had to bring those cowbells, so he could play his lame signature doubles/melody phrase thing. How creative is that? Please.

I'd like to close my statement with the Fact that i would never in my Life write such a post, if there wasn't this gigantic hype around the man. I respect him and his playing and i wish him all the best and success. But i think its a slap in the face to all those guys that have invested much more time and energy in developing their craft and have deliverd so much more interesting efforts on the instrument, to say that he is the best Drummer ever or anything even remotely close (btw out of all the "overrated drummers - Portnoy, Jordison, Barker, etc- i still like him the most :-))

Best wishes

Welcome to DrummerWorld, Mitchi. Hope you enjoy your stay.

With that being said, I have to strongly disagree with your O P I N I O N . You attack Peart's playing by suggesting that Colaiuta and Chambers can do a Peart solo while sleeping. Wow! You say Peart is creative, then blast him for doing the same patterns and phrases over and over again(again...your opinion) Huh? Gigantic hype about the man? Really?

Well...I constantly see present day drummers' bios listing NP as a huge influence. Accomplished drummers point to him as someone they listened to growing up and were in awe of his playing. He's won countless drumming awards since the 70's...and STILL does to this day. Always listed and nominated on many readers polls from an array of drum magazines. As far as rock drummers, he is without a doubt, one of the top drummers ever. He's earned enough respect from Cathy Rich, Buddy Rich's daughter, to spearhead the Burning for Buddy series of recordings and shows. He gathered some of the most revered drummers in the world for that project in the mid 90's, and he also participated in the 2008 Buddy Rich Memorial Concert, AGAIN invited by Cathy Rich. He's had a hugely successful recording career with Rush, since 1975, with albums such as Fly By Night, 2112, and Hemispheres in the 70's. Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Signals, Power Windows, and Hold Your Fire in the 80's. Roll The Bones, Counterparts, and Test For Echo in the 90's. And the most recent work Snakes & Arrows.

I mean, what's your point Mitchi? Who's next on your radar, Bonham, Moon, Gadd, etc...

Who died and made you THE authority on who is overrated or underrated in the drumming world? Sounds like you are the next Buddy Rich. Oh wait, you probably think he's overrated too.

Thanks for your opinion, which I'm sure is not shared by most other "drumming" fans. Not "fanboys" as you call them. Don't get confused between infatuation and fact. I'm a call-it-like-I-see-it "drumming" enthusiast, who ain't buying what you're selling, Mitchi.

But in fairness to freedom of speech, you have every right to say whatever you believe no matter how different you think on this subject. I just strongly believe you are in the minority here, Mitchi.

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