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There are inovaters and imitators. If it was not for neil peart there would not be a mike portney or Danny carry prog type drummers. So in five years you will be better than Neil Peart. Yes there are plenty of Drummers out there better than Neil or maybe not.
You are Judging art. As one drummer said is pocasso better than monet. or is a big mac better than a royal with cheese. yes I am and always will be a Peart fan. Big influence as a kid. As far as his drum solo goes, Thats is trade mark, Do you actualy think A hard core Rush fan would want to hear a different solo. Thats one of the reasons Rush fans love Neil Peart. They want to hear that solo. its like them wanting to hear spirit of radio.
Yes us drummers love to see amazing technical stuff. But music fans like music and concerts, they could give a rats ass about someones amazing technque. They want to see a good show. Neil peart is not underated he was and still is one of the greatest inovators of rock Like, John Bonham, Keith moon. Than drummers who play fast singles
and play a bunch nonsence
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