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Default Re: My band is heading into the studio - Now with pics and videos!

Ok, updates. Let's see...

We've been home for about three weeks now, and the final mixes were delivered to us about a week ago. This album is sounding awesome! It's straight ahead rock & roll, exactly like rock & roll should be

Right now we're in the process of cutting down one of the tracks to a single edit (damn radio and their short attention spans, haha), and getting the whole thing mastered. We also have a designer working on a cover design (which is almost complete) and a management company getting ready to pimp out our stuff to every single media outlet in the history of this country. We're also thinking about doing a video, but that hasn't been decided yet. We'll see if there's a market for a music video out there.

So, a ton of work remaining still, the hardest of which will be to tirelessly promote our stuff wherever and whenever we can. Hopefully, we can generate some hype and get the ball rolling!

I'll gather up all the video blogs we've posted as well:

Part 1: The journey from Bergen to Weed:

Part 2: Drum tracking:

Part 3: Bass tracking:

Part 4: Guitar tracking:

Part 5: Vocal tracking:

Part 6: Chatting with producer Sylvia Massy and engineer/co-producer Rich Veltrop about the album, music, band and recording process. This video also contains a couple of snippets from the upcoming single :
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