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Default Re: Taste of our own medicine.

Originally Posted by muckypops View Post
My only suggestion is if you're at work quit screwing around on the internet and get back to it. They are not paying you to converse on a drum forum. This is why people who work in offices will never get any professional respect from me. I know what they do for half the day and it has nothing to do with work. Qwitcher whinin' about the noise and just be happy you work in a climate controlled environment.
You're right. I'm not being paid to chat here. I should just be happy to have a job and keep my yap shut.

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I wish I had that problem. I got a little beater cheapo kit for my boys (ages 6 and 4) that's been sitting out in the garage for about the last year. They started showing a little interest, so I brought them in the living room a couple weeks ago for them to bang on. They each liked hitting the stuff for a few minutes but got mad at each other when the other was playing them (too loud!). They got sick of being mad at each other, apparently, and they both quit playing them.

So I thought I'd show them how fun and cool they could be... didn't work. They got mad at me!

Now they're back out in the garage.
I wonder if getting another instrument allowing them to make noise together would get them into it?

Originally Posted by theindian View Post
I can relate. My brother plays xbox shooter games (call of duty, halo) with the surround sound on. Loud and annoying.

I also worked at Guitar Center for awhile. I have never heard so many kids wailing on a china while trying to play fast double pedal and failing at it. It was horrible, I thought I was gonna explode if more person came in and said "hey man, can see some sticks?"

I didn't realize the strain I had put on my family on the days when I would pratice for hours. I try to keep it short & quite if anyone is home.
When I lived with my brother, his headset was my only salvation, I feel you on that one!

Working in a drum shop would be painful at times, I find sometimes even just popping into get sticks gets annoying. Especially the guys on e-kits where the only noise you hear is whap, whap, whap!

Originally Posted by Skulmoski View Post
I live in Abu Dhabi and our apartment building is surrounded by construction sites on all four sides! Within 100 meters, there are 6 different projects including 3 major roadworks and three 30+ floor buildings being built.

In the photo you can see the first project where a small crane identified by the red box. The second project is in the middle of the photo. The third project is in the upper right corner lit in green lights. As you can see, two of these projects are active in the evening.

Within 300 meters, there are another 3 major construction projects. The noise bylaw allows construction between 0500 and 2300 hrs. We are looking to move. C'est la vie.


I feel you on this too - 2 condos going up on my block, 2 across the street and an entire multi-acre development in my backyard. Fortunately, they are finished work for the day by the time I get home.

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
I can't stand DOGS at 8 oclock in the morning or 11 at night when i'm trying to be asleep. It's so irritating it's unbelievable.
If only complaints about loud dogs were treated the same as noise complaints about drummers, the world would be a happier place indeed.

Okay, gotta run for now, my boss just made a move in our online Scrabble game... we're playing for who has to buy the beer on Friday afternoon, I have to pay attention...
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