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Default Re: Taste of our own medicine.

Originally Posted by jer View Post
Although the majority of my drumming is done at a rehearsal place designed for making lots of noise, there have been times when I've not been so fortunate.

I know from folks posting here that for the most part, we've all had to deal with complaints regarding how loud and annoying we can be from family, friends or neighbors.

I work in post production for a television series, we are in new offices this season and I've been blessed with having an office beside the sound effects editor. It's a cop show. Lots of gun shots, speeding cars, sirens, etc.

Although I appreciate the guy is just doing his job, it's becoming really annoying. He'll place his effects and then play the scene back over and over again, tweaking his placement and volume. In a way this really reminds me of what it must sound like listening to a drummer hashing out a difficult passage until it's perfect...

I've been listening to the same "car speeding away" effect for almost half an hour now...

Guess I'm just venting to people who may appreciate... or maybe not.

Anyone else get a taste of their own "medicine" so I don't feel so alone?

Thanks for your time.
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