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Default Re: Taste of our own medicine.

Originally Posted by Masheanhed View Post
We moved into a small neighborhood and I did battle with the neightbor over us playing. Although no other person in the neighborhood said they could hear us and I later found out this particular griping neighbor took turns picking fights with everyone I decided it was better to find another place to play. Within a few months of moving to this rural bump in the road, I discovered it was "stock car" hell and every other toothless redneck in this area had a loud ragged race car that they worked on all hours of the night. After calling the cops at midnight to complain several times I finally just gave up and bought a big fan to make noise to drown them all out.Thankfully we moved a few years later to a better place.

To this day when I hear a car revving up I want to grap a baseball bat and do a Buford Pusser reenactment.
HAHAHAHA!!! I feel your pain! (Hey, I think I know that neighborhood)!
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