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This is my refinish project. I have a 7 piece Ludwig Accent CS (entry level) but I like them and decided to refinish them in mahogany tones. I used Cabot Brown Mahogany followed by a 2nd lighter coat of Minwax Bombay Mahogany. 2 coats of polyeurothane and I think that should suffice. I wanted a rough natural look, but not so rough that it looked sloppy.
My goal was to make the kit look as though somebody had made it out of wall paneling.

I removed the piano black wrap which thankfully was only glued at the seams. I then used "goof Off" to remove the glue, and sanded the shells with 220 grit sandpaper.

I was able to create a "virgin" bass drum by adding mesh tape to the inside of the bass drum where the tom mount holes were drilled. I then filled it all in with wood putty and sanded that down.

After that, I applied the 1st coat of the cabot stain, let it dry, and lightly spot sanded it to reduce the depth of color in some areas while leaving the stain alone in other areas.
I then applied the 2nd coat of minwax bombay mahogany and then 2 coats of poly. I also added new grommets to all the toms and the snare. The bass head grommet actually stayed intact enough to reuse. The pics below show the process as well as the before and after pics.
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