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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

Originally Posted by grungeandpunkrockliveson View Post
I was wondering, I really don't want to put a hole in the resonate head because I like the fat sound with lots of resonance so could I put a hole in the batter head instead?
If you like the "fat sound with lot's of resonance", why put a port hole in at all? If you're happy with the sound, leave it as it is.

To answer your question though. I wouldn't dream of it. The initial tone is provided by the batter head. Porting the batter would make it sound completely lifeless IMO. Much the same way that a stick hole in the batter head of a snare or tom ruins the tone. Plus the constant beater attack would cause premature stretching and damage to the batter head if it had a hole in it.

I know there are vented snare batter heads, but I feel this is a different process to what you are asking.
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