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Default Re: So, what is it with Steve Gadd

Originally Posted by Pat Petrillo View Post
2) Steve is a groove master who has played on thousands of records, not by flashing chops, but playing music, the song.

If i may add: Touch, feel, subtle timing/tonal/texture/volume control.... Steve Gadd plays what is necessary and no more or less. Reminds me of the drumming equivalent of Miles Davis during his Prestige years recordings.

4) Steve is a WONDERFUL, beautiful human being. VERY humble, and down to earth for someone who has achieved SO MUCH....'nuff said on that one!
The world is a far better place with Steve in it.

I suggest you listen to recordings of Steve with Chick Corea in the '70's. Listen to Aja by Steely Dan, just to start out.
x10000 Chick is a very interesting as a musical inventor/creator.

Steve Gadd just has that something that completes the music and does not compete with it. Hope that makes sense.

Ok, perhaps cliché yet...
My goodness, look how young Simon is, gawd i feel old!

And of course

A thing of beauty!
Enjoy the Music,

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