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Peart used a custom-designed drumset while recording the song. The set is adorned with the logos of all 30 NHL teams - each one sprayed and masked by hand, one colour at a time, he said - and a blue chrome finish that Peart wanted to look like icicles.

The set will now be kept in the Hockey Hall of Fame. That fact delights Peart, in part, because he says he was never very talented as a hockey player growing up.

"What a joke, eh!" he said with a laugh. "I made the joke to my mom, I said: 'Take THAT, bullies from 50 years ago!'

"The other joke is that we (Rush) have not been put in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but now we're in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

"I think, as Canadians, we're satisfied."
haha. that's awesome.
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