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The debate between technique and Soul is a valid one, and the two are not mutually exclusive, however, one comment complaint of Weckl is that, while he possesses immense amounts of technique and feel, he doesn't pack a lot of "umph" when he plays. Other players, while lacking in technique, communicate a lot of energy and emotion anyway. I think Vinnie channels the highest level of technique and intensity together that I have ever heard, except for a few gospel drummers I suppose, and obviously some jazz drummers. I agree that Weckl's playing is a little empty. He's very beautiful to listen to, and his technique is 2nd to no one, but I"d rather listen to a lot of other drummers with less technique simply beacuse they communicate more to me, more emotion, more energy. It's hard to explain, but I understand people when they say this, and I agree.
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