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Default Re: the music industry: victim of the profit motive?

Originally Posted by Drums101 View Post
Big business is the reason why it so hard to be an up and coming artist. They control the radio and will play the same stuff over.
When I was coming up during the 60s and 70s many FM radio stations played almost every track from an album.
Now they only play a limited list of hits!
Like Sting said in the Police song, "Its Music By Numbers"

A good friend is a DJ for WPLR in New Haven CT. WPLR used to play almost every song from every style of Rock. Now, It's a computer generated song list that is based on popularity only. This is all because of the music industry and the way that it is run today.

You used to have to buy an entire album to get the hit song. Now you just buy the single on iTunes! No one ever listens to the whole album anymore. The radio stations just ran with this concept.
Sponsors are not going to buy ads on a station that doesn't play only what are considered hits! Stations aren't going to pay royalties for less than popular music.

Its Just a matter of red and black ink.

The real money today in in touring. The pirating of music has never stopped. The only way that money can be made is through concerts.
The formula, Take a sex cymbal singer, Give them an image, And sell them to the max.

Apple insisted on the single song sale concept when they designed iTunes and sold the idea to the record companies.
Pirating was destroying the record companies at that time so they went along with the 99 cent song deal.
The pirating never stopped! No one has to pay for music today unless they want to!
I kind of like old drums:)

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