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Default Re: the music industry: victim of the profit motive?

Originally Posted by toddy View Post

just a few random selections. there is nothing wrong with music today. nor the industry. it's so easy to find good music if you know where to look.
one thing that strikes me is that it seems (some) musicians just tend to be pessimistic. there is so much good stuff going on. all the time. be happy. :)
This is true.

The flip side of all these changes is there are so many smaller labels putting out good music, and bands who are able to do what they do without major label support.

Mysapce, youtube and such gives anyone the ability to samples thousands of different bands from all over the world. Where is used to be you had to rely on radio, MTV or a buddies mix tape to hear anything new.

It is very easy to get an unsigned band added to the itunes catalog, where anyone can search for it.

Most of my current favorite bands would never get radio play or be featured on MTV (assuming they played music anyway), but they were there to be discovered, I've bought their albums, and see them when they tour. Some are obscure, some of the are huge in Europe, just not known in the USA.

I don't much care for The Mars Volta, but they fly in the face of every criticism of the current state of the industry by doing everything people complain can't be done anymore.

We may never have another Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" that sells 45 million copies, but it is replaced by 200 different albums that sell 225,000 copies each.

There are numerous "scenes" where dozens of bands are selling record and touring, and making some money. Maybe no one is rich, but they're doing it. The metal scene is the perhaps most obvious, where there are just so many bands that don't have a gold album, but support themselves on word of mouth, touring and putting out records on small labels.
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