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Default Re: the music industry: victim of the profit motive?

Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
I have said this for years, but imagine if the visual arts allowed self appointed know-it-alls and "experts" to cut and paste all over Van Gogh or Picasso's works, because they knew more than the artist themselves about what the public REALLY appreciated in the world of art. That is the music business in a nutshell. And now they seem to think musicians are totally expendable - have you heard the rythm section in pop music lately? The mechanical drums and bass sound like they were programmed by elementary school students (you no longer hear human drummers or bass players except in rock - it's all cheezy programmed simple beats and simple bass riffs). They are in such a quest to save money, they have brought music down to it's lowest form of prostitution ever. They are strangling the whole art of music.
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As Phil pointed out with pirating, this is a moral issue, and when you think about programming cheezy soulless music without the use of musicians is certainly a moral dilemma. it puts people out of work. We've been discussing the idea that each generation has that its music is coming to pass and everything is in decline. By the 1980s, the studio system had started to dry up as more music became programmed, and that was a huge loss for music making here in the states.
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