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Default Re: the music industry: victim of the profit motive?

Strangelove is right goes on in music...and it goes on other places...TV for example....let's admit it .Doing a "reality show" which has nothing to do with reality at all is a cheap cost cutting way of creating a "show". It's junk...but for some reason no one gets angered enough to change it. Lot's of Pop music consists of horrible "rhythm sections" that are not even players. It is ridiculous-the musical equivalent of a semi- rhythmic broken air conditioner with some beeps and bloops and cheesy video-sound effects with a completely auto tuned vocal line ( thank you Cher for starting this bull**it)....there is so much of this crap out there....and I won't even call it's junk. Absolute junk

And I not referring to the band Garbage who I happened to have liked alot...there was intelligence behind what they did...and it sounded good. You never felt you were being robbed by them nor that your own brain was being drained with each beat.LL Cool J was 100% more creative...talented ...funny...and entertaining as ANY of the rap that comes out today...that is just one example.

It's low brow -do-it as cheap as possible stuff in most Pop music. Which is why I won't pay any attention anymore to what is supposed to be "big"...that goes for reality TV too...I don't have the time for it. At all.
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