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Regarding the questions about the drumhead selections of his toms, all I can tell you is in his new "Anatomy..." DVD he uses DW coated clear batters and clear resos which I believe come with the drums from the factory and interestingly enough, as is standard practice among many drummers, the heads tend to be replaced. Apparently he is keeping them. They are basically Remo Ambassador-weight clear heads with an outer ring of white coating on the batter to help control overtones. His snare has a basic coated Ambassador-like head (not sure if it is Remo (the DW heads may be indeed made by Remo - anyone know?)) and the bass drum has a clear Remo Powerstroke 3 batter.

As far as tuning I guess he tunes his toms fairly tight (more so on the higher toms), even on the larger toms. Again this is a guess and is based on listening to R30 and Anatomy DVDs. The larger toms have quite a bit of ring. Compare this sound with the Rio concert; the larger toms sound really loose. Of course all of this observation is taking into account that the audio was engineered the same for both time periods. Mic'd toms tend to sound different than live drums so achieving the Neil Peart sound may be difficult in that regard. Long winded response but the best I can do. Perhaps others have further or even better insight. Best of luck.
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