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Default Re: the music industry: victim of the profit motive?

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Yes, good point.
Labels will also sign a similar artist to an artist they are pushing so their preferred artist doesn't have competition. And the similar artist's career goes in the tank.

If one wants to go into the music business, I think one should get a bit business savvy and beware. Many artists, even the famous ones, have gotten themselves in trouble signing contracts early in their careers that gave most everything away.

The wonderful things about Capitalism is that it has given us a lot and a very high standard of living. And you need capital and a lot of it to do anything in music. it's an expensive hobby, as well. lol

Capitalism gives us so much music, more so than anybody needs. And most people need so little, 20-30 cds on the shelf, two or three a year is all they need. And they are very happy to turn on the radio and listen inattentively. I've met people at shows that have seen Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen or The Moody Blues over two hundred times. I don't think there is anyone I could sit through that many times. I mean I've seen those artists about a half dozen times each over the years and never need to go again. :)

The most important thing an artist can do is cultivate an audience and then really give that audience something to come back for. Your music becomes a part of their life. look at Jimmy Buffett.
Bruce is another one. His 1st two albums initially sold poorly. But the label stayed behind him, and now he has 120 million world wide sales to his credit.

Of course, now his 2st two albums are considered classics, but that's only because later fans went back and bought them later on.

If Columbia (now Sony) signed a guy today, and his first album sold poorly, he'd never get to make his 2nd one.
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