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Default Re: the music industry: victim of the profit motive?

No, I don't agree with that. First off, capitalism is not at all about "giving people freedom to do whatever they want." Far from it. Capitalism is about selling products for profit, period. It's about limiting people's freedom of choice. Flood the market with your product and what choices do people have but to buy it?

As far as its impact on music is concerned I don't see that either. There are a lot of people making really good money from music these days, lots of money. They're making that money because the product they produce sells. That's capitalism, and "uninspired" artists don't have a chance in this business. You just don't get anywhere by "holding back."

Quality music, I'm not sure what that means because you have your idea of what quality music is and I have mine. But vision and intellect don't just disappear because some pop star's marketing machine is moving millions of units. Quality music is available no matter what your tastes are. It's just a little more difficult to find.

Making an enemy of the music business is a big, big mistake. Seeing it for what it is will never hurt anyone's creativity or artistry. If you want to be a star then the system is in place for you to run yourself through it, hoping for the best and listening to people who think that they might be able to make some money by backing you to some degree. If musical integrity is the most important thing to you then that's just something you need to take responsibility for. Make a good product and put it out on the market. Of course big money will always win, but that's capitalism, and money has nothing to do with music.
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