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Default the music industry: victim of the profit motive?

I've been thinking lately, since that pirating thread came up, more about the music business, and i'd like your input on something i believe pretty strongly about.

Capitalism is a great thing IMO. The ability to give people freedom to do whatever they want, how they want to do it, in order to live the American Dream is a great hope for which to strive. But can it go too far? Specifically relating to the music industry, has capitalism destroyed the quality of music? I'd say it has, unfortunately. The music industry has been a tough tough business to be successful in. This occurred from a variety of reasons (see the pirating thread...) and in an effort to get ahead in the industry I think artists have been holding back their creative edge in order to make uninspired, catchy tunes that continually sound the same. While uninspired artists gain massive popularity due to their "good" music, real talent get washed away on the local streets for the minority to admire.

Am i sounding stupid here? what do you guys think.
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