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Originally Posted by romenydrummer64 View Post
Thanks for the response DMC, I have good machining skills as I used to work for a steel heat treating and welding company that also did simple repairs and mods with tool grade steel. I'm sure my former boss there would either let me do some simple stuff there or have one of the guys do it for me at a reduced cost. As for machining the mounts, I wouldn't actually create the mounts that attach to the L arms, but rather the bracket that physically attaches to the lugs themselves. (I fear that I misspoke when I called the brackets "mounts" LOL) I have figured the amount of angle I would need to attach to 3 of the lugs on all 3 drums, and the amount of distance needed to keep the mounting plate away from the shell, and allow the mount to be properly secured. Here is a close up of the mounting bracket that I want to copy. As for appearance, I am going to manufacture, bead-blast, prime, and then paint the brackets in chrome finish.
See attachment for photo shopped image.
Wow, sound like you have the skills and equipment to pull this off correctly - I could do something like this, but it wouldn't look too good. Go for it and show us the results!
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