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Default Re: Which city should a chose for musicians?

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
actually i disagree with the 'sucks' bit. especially if we're talking specific genres. yes, there will be less quality bands anywhere you go, but there are numerous places around the world that are associated with a certain genre(s) so much so that the best bands all congregate there. many bands nowadays (in modern music scenes) end up sharing practice rooms, studios, producers, etc. so if you go to somewhere that is known for the style of music you play then you will find lots of other people there that can help you.

when a place gets a 'scene' then the general music coming from that place usually goes upwards in quality, not downwards. as bands get better, the lesser bands end up dropping out/moving down because they can't keep up and don't get given good slots on shows anymore. you can see this the world over with various types of modern day popular music and track how bands (especially newcomers to old genres) move upwards in the ranks.

some places are easier to make contacts in the first place. the most important thing is that you are in a place that has a large network of bands, promoters and fans that are associated with the genre that your band plays, because as long as you are good at what you do then you will rise to the top. ofcourse you don't want to go somewhere that is overpopulated either, but a lot of these places don't actually tend to be in the 'major' cities, it's usually in a slightly smaller city or even a large town where the good shit really happens.

just look back through history from the 90s onwards (especially in rock/metal) and check out all the 'scenes' that have happened, and are still happening. i'm not sure the scenes suck at all really, in my opinion the thing that sucks is when it gets ultra trendy. but then that is the time when the bands make their money, so it is fair enough really.

no doubt your post was just uber sarcasm anyway so i'm sure you already knew all this. right? :)

p.s. if anyone wants to play deathcore and wants to go outside of the U.S. then go to montreal. that is a pretty obvious place to go to really.

I'd agree with you here. the metaclcore/deathcore/hardcore/etc scene in Manchester is booming at the minute. A lot of the bands are really good too. Definitely potential to signed and tour etc.
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