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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
The funny aspect of what is jazz and what is pop, is that many so-called jazz standards were original show tunes, pop tunes or Broadway tunes, that were adapted by jazz bands.

I can't stand Kenny G, but this whole argument that he can't be considered "jazz' because he's "pop" is silly based on how much jazz comes from other sources. And so much jazz was the "pop" music of it's time.

Or are we going to say Buddy Rich's "West Side Story" doesn't count either?
"Summertime" is one of more recorded jazz standards, with versions done by everyone from Duke Ellington Miles, Blakley, to Coltrane. Yet it came from George Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess."

Because it not so much the choice of the tune but more of the whole meat of the matter on the conceptual end that helps greatly with defining the parameters of the jazz content within. Again from a jazz musicians education, experience and overall musical background with those ears it's a easy one to answer based on that knowledge base of the core elements coming from the very jazz "root" tree however extended on the outer branches it can get.

It's not the tune but the content within on the individual player end or an ensemble or arranger/composer approach that the answer to the question is given......... at least for this actual jazz musician it does. As I said recently the true answer lies on where your own take on your personal experience on the subject of jazz sits.

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