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Default Re: Bass Player-less band?

Originally Posted by Masheanhed View Post
Does anyone here play or have you played in a band where you had no bass player? How did it work out? What did you do to compensate for no bass?

Two guitar players and I are working up songs to play some small clubs but we have had no luck in finding a bass player that clicks with us. A few years back I watched a regional band called Stealin' Horses made up of three females that kicked booty: a drummer, an acoustic guitar player, and an electric guitar player. I swear you never missed the bass (or at least I didn't).

Anyone ever try this set up and did it work out? We'll be doing what I would call middle of the road type rock/covers such as Tom Petty, REM, etc.
I know that I notice it as a player and as a listener, but I've seen some great bands who got away with two guitars. With clever use of effects, tuning, and voicings, you can do a lot to simulate the presence of a bass player.

Personally, I've never enjoyed playing without a bass player, because I feel like there's simply no bottom to help support the bass drum and anchor the music. Heck, I don't even love playing with bass players who spend too much time in the upper regions of their instrument outside of soloing for the same reason.

But if you don't mind, and you like the sound of it, go for it. Perhaps you should try recording your rehearsals and see if there is anything you need to do as a band to fill out the space left by the absence of a bassist. Or just let it be.
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