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Default Re: Bass Player-less band?

Well, theres two pieces like The Black Keys, who are awesome. Sometimes you miss the bass, other times you dont, it depends how much of a bass-lover you are.
I know I missed it when my band have played as a two piece, although people commented on the sound not necessarily missing the bass; I missed it as a drummer and music fan.

The Doors are probably the most famous example, but as Manzarek played a lot of bass parts with his left hand it doesnt fit what you are saying about missing it.

What Kyuss used to do (even though they had a bass player) was to plug the guitar head into a bass cab, so emphasise the bassiness. If a band was sans bass, then you could get the guitarist to plug into a bass cab and see how it sounds; having tried it, I felt it helped the overall sound and my playing.
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